We are in a “people” business. It’s people who drive our industry, people who have hospitality in their soul.

We want to exceed guest expectations. Our biggest reward is seeing the contented smile on the guest’s face at the end of the day.

The resort and hospitality industry has, at its core, the fundamental goal of making sure that our guests have a positive experience. We are an industry that seeks to make sure that our guests receive full value for our services. Owners, management and staff work together with one goal in mind: to make sure the guest goes away from the experience feeling satisfied having received full value for the expenditure.

The same holds true for The Killington School of Resort Management.

The student is our “guest”.

The faculty, staff, Killington managers, supervisors and employees all work together to make sure that the KSRM students graduate having had a positive experience. We want to make sure that the students and families are fully satisfied that they have received full value for their investment in time, finances and learning.

At The Killington School of Resort Management you will find:

  • A student-centered faculty and staff
  • A seasoned and dedicated management team at Killington/Pico
  • Passionate and motivated students
  • Supportive families