The Killington School of Resort Management is truly unique – one of the most innovative programs of its kind in the country.

Based on an educational partnership with the Killington-Pico Resort, The KSRM is focused on developing the individual student to her/his full potential in a liberal arts setting.

The KSRM student is immersed in a learning-living environment which develops a well prepared management professional for the largest industry in the world… or any career that the student wishes to pursue.

Bottom line: a business/management (B.S.) degree – where the student lives, works and learns in partnership with a world class resort  .

An Overview of The Killington School of Resort Management:

  • B.S. – Resort and Hospitality Management in three (3) years instead of the traditional four (4) 
  • Campus located at the Killington/Pico Resort
    • Students live, work and attend classes in Killington
    • The Lodge (residence) is a living-learning laboratory for the students
    • Students manage and operate The Lodge as well as work for Killington
  • Experiential focus, hands on application of business theory
  • Two PAID co-op experiences at Killington
  • Average earnings = $6,200 per co-op/internship for 2017/2018 …$16,500 for three years (wages earned at Killington only)
    • Many students work throughout the year at Killington and other access road properties
    • Minimum of 3-4 meaningful work experiences for the student’s resume upon graduation
  • One (paid) internship required – student can enroll for up to (3) three internships total
    • Internships are all over the world…not necessarily at Killington
    • Killington contacts help source internships – with Powdr Corp and others
    • Usually completed in summer between year 2 and year 3 …OR…during winter of year 3
    • Alumni networks in CO, UT, NV and CA are strong and help sourcing of internships
  • Rolling admissions
  • Common Application fee waived
  • SAT/ACT optional
  • Trimesters:
    • Fall (Labor Day – Thanksgiving)
    • Winter (Mid December – begin March)
    • Spring (Mid March – end of May)
  • GMC financial aid: about 90 percent of KSRM students receive GMC aid
  • Retention rate is very high: over 90 percent from enrollment through graduation (3) three years later
  • Graduation rates: 89.3% in three years, 98.7% in five years
  • Prospective students are always welcome to visit , stay over, sit in on classes,and shadow KSRM students.
    • The KSRM is open from August 15 to June 15
    • Students are welcome to visit at any time…KSRM does not shut down for traditional academic holidays
    • Stay at The Lodge for a few days to live the life of a KSRM student