GMC and Killington Developing the Future

An intensive bachelor’s degree in Resort and Hospitality Management earned in 3 years at the Killington/Pico Resort.

Green Mountain College and the Killington/Pico Resort collaborate on this innovative bachelor’s degree.

The Killington School of Resort Management combines cooperative-based management education with the College’s nationally recognized Environmental Liberal Arts curriculum. Students live and learn at the resort, completing a minimum of two full time co-op experiences with Killington/Pico and one internship which may be completed at another property. The KSRM student graduates with a solid resume of meaningful resort and hospitality industry experience.

A campus that’s right next door to Killington Resort

Students live at The Lodge at Killington which is located on the Killington access road, right in the heart of resort operations. The Lodge is a full-service residence including foodservice, dining room, laundry facilities, recreation room and lounge with a fireplace. Classroom space is located less than a mile away at Killington’s Highridge Conference Center

The KSRM Approach to Student Learning

Most students are kinesthetic learners, hands-on and visual. The KSRM courses reflect creativity, innovation and applied learning. The Killington/Pico Resort is the ideal laboratory to apply theory and learn the art and science of management in a seasonal and challenging industry. Students also manage a variety of teams within the program, as well as the operation of The Lodge at Killington. The KSRM also includes a review board that aids in the mentoring and developing of each student to that individual’s fullest potential.

Co-op Programs

Management development is the focus of the co-op courses. The courses include weekly meetings to discuss various topics including leadership, communication, ethics, marketing, budgeting, international and seasonal workforces. Entrance and exit interviews are held with the student employee, supervisor, Killington Co-op Coordinator and KSRM faculty to review the student’s goals and overall development.

Managers & leaders involving students

As an educational partner, Killington/Pico mangers and staff contribute heavily to the student’s education. Students are involved in many operations before and after the winter co-op term. Managers also provide real time projects for classes, as well as data and information for course review and discussion. Many students work with Killington/Pico throughout the calendar year, and look to the Killington management team as mentors.

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