Why Green Mountain College at Killington?

Green Mountain College and the Killington/Pico resort collaborate on this innovative and truly unique B.S. degree in Resort and Hospitality Management.

The Killington School of Resort Management offers true cooperative-based and applied management education with the Killington/Pico resort. Your students will study in a resort setting and work in paid positions at the resort each year. He or she will be graduating with a solid resume of experience in the industry.

  • This small, intimate program allows the faculty and Killington management to mentor and develop each student’s full potential.
  • Many students in the KSRM program are applied learners.
  • We hold big school expectations, but provide small school attention.

Compare total costs

The three year B.S. degree from the Killington School of Resort Management is cost effective.

In addition to reviewing the curricular and co-curricular experiences for the student, consider the total cost of obtaining the bachelor’s degree including tuition, room and board, and fees.

Compare the costs at Green Mountain College with a state college and a private liberal arts college in the western United States, all of whom offer a course of study in resort management of some sort. The following figures are based on 2013 total costs at each institution and assume no institutional financial aid for the student.

The GMC student earns a bachelor’s degree in three years and is working in year four.

Green Mountain College : $89,082

Private college – Western US : $127,568

State college – Vermont : $95,428

Approximately 90% percent of KSRM students receive GMC financial aid.

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