Thanks for all the updates and check-ins and photos of the students, it really helps. And thanks again for meeting with Adam last week. We are impressed with your collective commitment to the students and their success.

- Gayl Dembowski P'12,

All is good here! We've gotten over 100 inches of snow already and the mountain is just one lift shy of being fully open! Our last storm was about four feet! I'm really happy out here! I hear that things are off to a slow start out east, but glad to hear everything is good with the Program.

- Greg Gleason '09 ,

Great Tour. I think I enjoyed it as much as the kids (and yes, I too will call them kids). You have selected a great group of students. I'm excited to watch my child from a distance as he develops while learning about the business but more importantly life skills from Frank, Larry and Aimee. What a great team that properly balances their strengh off each other. Hoping for a great winter with snow but recognize that it is not about skiing/snowboarding but about learning from a strong team with such great experience. Also hearing Poultney students traveling to the Lodge for the first class in Images shows that Frank continues to bridge those two campuses together. Nice job all around. Good luck and I hope all of the students work hard while figuring out what they really want to take away from this program. There is so much to take.

- John Baldwin P'15 (after orientation - Aug 25, 2012),

I just wanted to give you an update on what's going on. I have moved to MA and took the job at Nashoba. Everyone here seems super thrilled for the upcoming season. They even sent me to the NSAA Trade show up at Bretton Woods where I met up with Jeff Temple, Nyberg, and Tate Germon. I can't thank you enough for my experience at GMC. I have already been using a multitude of skills that I learned there. Keep in touch and good luck this year!

- Keith Kreischer '09,

The graduates have a rounded resort and hospitality education, so they are not just limited to a ski area like some other programs.

- Laura Altemose P'12,

The best part of the program is the real life experience that these students receive working at our resort and how this translates into skills needed to succeed in the resort industry. A large percentage of the rising stars on Killington's resort management team have graduated from The Killington School of Resort Management. This program is clearly our best recruiting tool for the future leaders of our company!

- Mike Solimano, President and General Manager, Killington Resort and Pico Mountain,

We really feel good about GMC RHM being the right school for Troy.

- Parent '11,

Thanks for all the updates on our students, the student team progress, and class assignments. Very much appreciated. Things weren't like this when I was in college, great strides have been made.

- Parent '12,

Where he is now compared to where he was in September two years ago is like night and day. We see a big change in him. More assertive, talking to me about things that were never of importance to him in the past …etc. Because of the way the program is set up, he has developed a nice bond with not only the kids he started GMC with but with the other students as well. The Resort Management Program to me is like a family. Everyone helps each other to succeed.

- Parent,'10,

I am currently the Front Desk Manager of the Winwood Inn in Windham, NY. This hotel is owned and operated by Windham Mountain. I get ski privileges, etc. included. I also have a potential promotion coming up once the summer kicks back into gear. The GM has brought up the possibility of creating and AGM position for me. Currently there are three "department heads," Front Desk Manager, Housekeeping Supervisor, Maintenance Manager. This would provide a salaried position with full benefits. I hope that everything's going great in Killington and with the program.

- Rachael Duncan '06,

Thanks for the re-cap of student work, for keeping us informed and for the pictures of the students. We appreciate being kept in the loop. I'm very impressed with the exposure into the Killington operations that these students are getting.

- Robb Dehm P'11,

The work experience he has had through the Resort Management Programs has opened many doors for him. Not only has he worked on the mountain and in the Grand Hotel at Killington, but he has worked in Lake Tahoe and at the Little St. Simons Resort in Georgia which is rated in the top 10 resorts by Conde Nast Traveler magazine. If you ever need a spokesman in New Jersey, just let me know. My wife and I are very thankful that Robbie found Green Mountain College and the RHM program.

- Robert Haggan P'09,

Thanks for this program. It has been a good first term for Erich. He's tried other programs, but they weren't the right fit, until he found this program. He's worked hard here, and has the results to show for it. He has confidence now.

- Robert Moeller P'12,

I am doing well and enjoying work in California. I recently received a raise and added responsibility. As we move into winter, I am being incorporated into the office and sales for the company. It's really exciting. Thanks!

- Zack Resnikoff '09,