Fall Term (Labor day to Thanksgiving)
  • Monday & Thursday: SLA classes
  • Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday: RHM classes
  • Getting interviewed and securing winter Co-Op I and II positions with Killington/Pico
  • Mountain biking and the Killington Adventure Center
  • The Lodge – Jib Yard
  • Bonfires and study groups
  • Being on the access road for all the fall events
  • KSRM trip to Six Flags for Halloween
  • Working part time – for Killington/Pico (optional – if you want to work)
  • Seeing and hearing Killington fire up the snow guns for the Audi World Cup
  • First tracks!

Winter Term (mid-December to first week in March)

  • Working (and paid for) 35-40 hours per week at your Killington/Pico Co-Op position
  • Tuesday afternoon: Co-op class at High Ridge
  • Midweek off – great for hitting the slopes
  • For Co-Op class: homework, journal articles to read, memos to write, term papers and projects
  • Days skiing/riding- anywhere from 45 – 100+ on average
  • KSRM trip to Jay Peak (glades skiing, indoor water park, etc)
  • Bonfires, rail jams in The Jib Yard

Spring Term (mid March to end of May)

  • Monday-Friday: back to classes
  • Keep working for Killington/Pico on the weekends till things wind down
  • March = snowiest month of the year! Still getting in runs!
  • Paintball trip!
  • Bonfires and The Jib Yard
  • Working on getting next year’s Co-Op position