Focus on the student: Killington/Pico Ski Resort Partners, LLC and The Killington School of Resort Management maintain a very close working relationship centered on educating the Resort and Hospitality Management student. The Killington/Pico relationship enables each RHM student to become fully immersed in resort operations. The personal development of each RHM student is the primary goal of the program.

Immersed in the industry: The Killington/Pico resort and Green Mountain College’s partnership shines most during the winter months while students are immersed in a co-op experience. During the winter term, KSRM can be found working all over the mountain in departments like The Grand Hotel front desk, guest services, reservations, retail shops, grooming and lift operations.

Applied learning: The students are able to use Killington as their “textbook” while they apply theories in a real operation. Killington/Pico supervisors work with students to complete assignments, special projects and develop leadership skills throughout the term, further enabling each student to grow as a future manager.

Co-Op Coordinators: To make the KSRM successful, Killington dedicates staff members within the human resource department to assist students throughout the year. Colleen Garrett and Megan Canty take an active interest in each student’s well-being and development, and often keep in touch with the students during the summer months in preparation for the upcoming year.

Killington/Pico and The Killington School of Resort Management educational partnership doesn’t end in the classroom. Killington has assisted with the placement of jib yard features at The Lodge, donated prizes and event supplies for the annual Welcome Winter Rail Jam which is produced by the RHM students, provided guest speakers, produced signage for The Lodge and much much more.

The KSRM has three key ingredients for success: a student-centered faculty, passionate/focused students and a dedicated partner in the Killington/Pico Resort.