Focusing on Student Development

Purpose: The KSRM Review Board fully evaluates each student at the end of the winter term in the first two years of the program. The goal of the Board is to help each KSRM student maximize his or her potential. The Board focuses on four specific areas of each student’s performance:

  • Academic outcomes
  • Co-op experience
  • Professionalism
  • Personal behavior

Members: The Review Board is comprised of¬†KSRM faculty, Killington’s Director of Human Resources, and the general manager of The Lodge.

Process: The Board gathers feedback on each student from a variety of sources including course grades, GMC faculty and staff, peer evaluations during class projects, management and staff at The Lodge, the Killington human resource office, and Killington supervisors.

Assessment: The Board develops an individual plan for each student. The plan is designed to help the student further develop and enhance her or his strengths as well as overcome any identified weaknesses.

When: At the beginning of the spring term, the Board meets to assess each student’s strengths and weaknesses across each area. In the middle of the spring term, the student meets with the Board to fully debrief on the board’s findings.

The debriefing: At the meeting, the student and Board focus on those outcomes that the student needs to achieve in order to become fully prepared for post-graduate success.