Learning to Manage – Learning to Lead

The KSRM management teams allow students to develop their management skills in operations that mirror best practices within the resort and hospitality industry. All student team managers, the KSRM faculty and staff, and the FitzVogt chefs meet weekly as the KSRM management team.

The KSRM student management for 2017-18:

Assistant Managers – The Lodge

These students hold the dual responsibility for operating The Lodge with best industry practices, as well as taking on student-life duties for KSRM. The Assistant Managers are at the forefront of managing The Lodge in every aspect…

  • Day-to day operation of the building
  • Supplies inventory
  • Events planning, work orders
  • F&B monitoring
  • Maintaining best sustainability practices
  • Ambassadors for prospective students and families

Emma Driscoll (’18), Ryan Fish (’19), Kyle Kostura (’18) and Joe McEntee (’19)

The Park Crew

The Park Crew is responsible for managing and maintaining the terrain park at the Lodge, including…

  • Designing and constructing new features
  • Developing unique layouts
  • Opening and closing procedures
  • Safety education
  • Park waiver system

Mgrs: Max Rowe(’17) and Braden Kietzman (’17)

Social media

Our social media manager is responsible for:

  • Overall social media marketing strategy
  • Developing weekly media plans
  • Collecting photo and video assets
  • Staying on top of social media trends

Jason Rubin (’17)

Academic support

The Killington School has an in-house tutor at The Lodge, this person monitors:

  • Individual student performance
  • Supplies academic assistance
  • Develops and enhances written and verbal communication skills
  • Lives in-house…readily available

Miranda Riley (’18)

GMC Student Senate

Our Student senate representatives are our voice on main campus. They attend meetings and represent the best interests of the students in our program.

Reps: Kevin Maichen (’18) and Samuel Budusky (’17)