A Living and Learning Laboratory

Home to the KSRM family.

KSRMIt’s a center of support for education outside the classroom and home for the KSRM family.

The Lodge is where students and faculty share meals, meet for projects, and upperclassmen tutor first year students on the application of theories.

It’s where learning is a constant and students are supported.

KSRM students have a hand in operating the facility.

Students are educated on utilities consumption, fuel oil contracts, and there are work order and requisition systems in place for maintenance and supplies. The students’ terrain park (The Jib Yard) is expected to operate with best industry practices. The sustainability team is constantly looking for means by which to make building more environmentally friendly.

The events team is continually planning activities for Lodge students. The Food and Beverage Operations class plans, executes and evaluates several meals for Lodge residents. The Lodging Operations class develops an ongoing preventive maintenance plan for the facility.

FitzVogt is the food service provider for The Lodge and has regional offices in nearby Rutland. Full time chefs see that the students are treated to well balanced nutrition and plenty of food choices within this family atmosphere.

A full time general manager lives at The Lodge and there is always a manager on duty. Assistant Managers at The Lodge have the dual role of managing the building with best industry practices, while holding the position of student life representatives.

Residing at The Lodge is living with a family, with professional expectations for learning.